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Skills available for Australia year 3 maths curriculum

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3.N Number

3.S Space

  • 3.S.C Classification and properties of shapes

  • 3.S.T Transformations

    • 3.S.T.A Students recognise line of symmetry in simple 2D shapes. They recognise simple transformations of familiar shapes. For example, students can generally:

      • 3.S.T.A.1 use folding or other techniques to identify a line of symmetry

      • 3.S.T.A.2 recognise the effect of a single flip, slide or turn

      • 3.S.T.A.3 use symmetry or transformations to continue patterns

  • 3.S.L Location and movement

    • 3.S.L.A Students identify pathways and specific locations on simple informal maps, grids and plans. For example, students can generally:

      • 3.S.L.A.1 identify the key features of simple informal maps, grids and plans

      • 3.S.L.A.2 use alpha-numeric coordinates to locate position on simple grids

      • 3.S.L.A.3 interpret informal maps or grids of familiar environments

      • 3.S.L.A.4 follow directions for moving from one point to another using the language of turns

3.A Algebra, function and pattern

3.M Measurement, chance and data

3.W Working mathematically