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Skills available for Australia year 4 maths curriculum

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ACMNA Number and Algebra

ACMMG Measurement and Geometry

ACMSP Statistics and Probability

  • Chance

    • ACMSP092 Describe possible everyday events and order their chances of occurring

    • ACMSP093 Identify everyday events where one cannot happen if the other happens

      • ACMSP093.a using examples such as weather, which cannot be dry and wet at the same time

    • ACMSP094 Identify events where the chance of one will not be affected by the occurrence of the other

  • Data representation and interpretation

    • ACMSP095 Select and trial methods for data collection, including survey questions and recording sheets

      • ACMSP095.a comparing the effectiveness of different methods of collecting data

      • ACMSP095.b choosing the most effective way to collect data for a given investigation

    • ACMSP096 Construct suitable data displays, with and without the use of digital technologies, from given or collected data. Include tables, column graphs and picture graphs where one picture can represent many data values

    • ACMSP097 Evaluate the effectiveness of different displays in illustrating data features including variability