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Skills available for Australia year 5 maths curriculum

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  • AC9M5ST01 Acquire, validate and represent data for nominal and ordinal categorical and discrete numerical variables, to address a question of interest or purpose using software including spreadsheets; discuss and report on data distributions in terms of highest frequency (mode) and shape, in the context of the data

  • AC9M5ST02 Interpret line graphs representing change over time; discuss the relationships that are represented and conclusions that can be made

  • AC9M5ST03 Plan and conduct statistical investigations by posing questions or identifying a problem and collecting relevant data; choose appropriate displays and interpret the data; communicate findings within the context of the investigation


  • AC9M5P01 List the possible outcomes of chance experiments involving equally likely outcomes and compare to those which are not equally likely

  • AC9M5P02 Conduct repeated chance experiments including those with and without equally likely outcomes, observe and record the results; use frequency to compare outcomes and estimate their likelihoods