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Skills available for Australia year 10 maths curriculum

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ACMNA Number and Algebra

ACMMG Measurement and Geometry

ACMSP Statistics and Probability

  • Chance

    • ACMSP277 Investigate reports of studies in digital media and elsewhere for information on their planning and implementation

      • ACMSP277.a evaluating the appropriateness of sampling methods in reports where statements about a population are based on a sample

      • ACMSP277.b evaluating whether graphs in a report could mislead, and whether graphs and numerical information support the claims

  • Data representation and interpretation

    • ACMSP278 Calculate and interpret the mean and standard deviation of data and use these to compare data sets

    • ACMSP279 Use information technologies to investigate bivariate numerical data sets. Where appropriate use a straight line to describe the relationship allowing for variation