The IXL Continuous Diagnostic

Walk into the classroom every day, and understand exactly what students know and precisely what to do next to help them improve.

Accurately assess student knowledge

Get a comprehensive portrait of your students' knowledge with the Continuous Diagnostic, which pinpoints students' year level proficiency in key maths strands.

Take action with a personalised plan for each learner

Using insights from the Continuous Diagnostic, IXL creates a personalised action plan for each student. With these recommended skills, you have a simple way to differentiate instruction, fill individual knowledge gaps and facilitate meaningful progress.

Get up-to-date diagnostic data anytime

Students' results and action plans stay updated with just a handful of diagnostic questions each week. This means diagnostic data is there when you need it: at the start of the school year, at the end of the year or anywhere in between.

Engage and empower students

For students, the Continuous Diagnostic doesn't feel like a traditional test! The questions are engaging, and it's a safe space for students to learn more about themselves and take an active role in their learning.

See the Continuous Diagnostic in action

See the Continuous Diagnostic in action