Quia Web

Create-your-own tools for educators

Quia Web provides educators with tools to create, customise and share their curricula online. Quia Web pioneered the "create-your-own" concept, giving educators the freedom to go beyond publisher-provided materials and create their own interactive, online experiences for their students. Through a thriving online community, teachers collaboratively develop and share their Quia-based materials, while at the same time contributing to a constantly expanding library of educational content.

For custom quizzes:

Quia is so wonderful! It gives my students a fun way to practise and master skills, helping them to truly learn the material and effectively prepare for tests. My students come to me requesting a quiz on certain material or a particular game for a unit, and I'm able to quickly produce a study tool that fits their needs and my time schedule! THANKS!

Sarah Gorman, 8th grade English teacher, Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.A.

About saving time:

Quia saves me a lot of time by grading all of the quizzes. Also, the customer support is fantastic. I accidentally deleted a quiz session (final exam) and the Quia staff restored it for me.

High school technology teacher, Texas, U.S.A.

Making teaching more effective:

My kids love Quia and I use it in every way I can imagine!! The grades are awesome and so is the attendance. I have taught for 28 years, and my love of teaching has been quintessentially magnified by using Quia!

Donna Johnson, 6th grade geography teacher, Seminole, Florida, U.S.A.