IXL awards

Knowledge isn't the only reward on IXL...

IXL is not just about helping your children master fractions or subject-verb agreement, it's also about helping them enjoy learning. That means encouraging them to have fun! Unlike traditional workbooks and exercises, IXL offers hours of intrigue for students—without distracting them from grasping key concepts.

Uncover hidden treasures

One of the ways IXL makes learning fun is through hundreds of virtual awards that reflect children's favourite animals, foods, places and hobbies. On IXL maths, each year level has its own themed game board, filled with hidden prizes, so practising maths is like one big treasure hunt.

Discover colourful worlds

children can wander through a winter wonderland in year 4, enjoy the great outdoors in year 6 or discover the mysteries of outer space when practising year 10. A square with a question mark tells them a prize is just around the corner. If they hover over it, they can see what they need to do to collect their award—just the nudge they need to keep practising!

The more you learn, the more you earn

IXL's inspiring awards and secret treasures make learning an exciting quest for knowledge. As students work for hours to compete with their friends and uncover new prizes on their game boards, they're sure to gain new maths skills and confidence along the way.

Join IXL today and watch your students light up with enthusiasm for learning!